I have been painting and designing clothes since 2002.

I work with mixed media on archival canvas. Mainly acrylic paint and ink along with a combination of crushed gold and silver leaf. The result is a glorious and impactful shimmer effect.

I call it Glam Pop Art.

My inspiration is forever rooted in the nostalgia of childhood visits to the seaside arcade. The POW and POP of vintage pinball machines, the punchy PINK of puffy cotton candy combined with the THRILL of a pocketful of shiny copper pennies.

My work has a way of transporting the viewer to a sweeter and simpler time. It is playful and free, yet detailed and interesting to view. It insights an almost childhood awe of colour and sweet shiny things.

Its very hard to capture the movement of each piece with just a photo, so I have added video to all of my art listings to help the viewer get a feel for how truly original each piece is.

My hope is that you will enjoy viewing my paintings and apparel as much as I enjoy making them.


*Also feel free to peruse my Animal Magic Spirit Cards that I am in the process of painting. See drop down menu above*


Happy shopping!