Adult and Kids Face Masks

I don't know about you but I hate wearing a mask. It's uncomfortable and claustrophobic. It's awkward and weird. 
BUT I do comply, and of course I wear one where required or applicable. 

Still...I HATE not being able to see people smile. I can't bare the look of TERROR in so many peoples eyes AND it BREAKS my heart that sooooo many world citizens are buying disposable masks(made in China) and littering our streets and oceans with them. 

I trust that this masked world is a TEMPORARY world and that we will soon be free again to walk outside and into shops, safely, unmasked with a great huge smile on our faces holding a wide open "COME HUG ME" stance.

In the meantime I HAVE decided to design an array of masks to maybe, just maybe bring a dash of joy to the mask wearer. I mean is that even possible?
Also as I said it breaks me in half knowing what these nasty disposable (made in CHINA) masks are doing to our planet.

SO...I hope you see something that brings a smile to your face:)

PLEASE! Get outside! SOAK up that Vitamin D! Smile more! Breathe deep and give GRATITUDE with me for these crazy, inspiring, expansive and unsure days🙏

Love to you all!