We are not leggings.....or shorts

We are moments of color when you need them. You don't have to have your shit together to put these
things on. All you have to be is your true authentic self. Right then and there. Your messy, silly, pissed
off, hilarious, stressed, fabulous self. There are no rules to who's permitted to slip into this configuration
of hues and fibers. The only prerequisite is that you're ready to meet yourself right where you are and
know that maybe, just maybe, these stretchy things will be a little reminder to you that you deserve to
stand out. You're allowed. You are a fucking rock star no matter what age or what size.
Grabbing yo' coffee? SLAY.
Tripped over the curb? FIERCE.
Creeping on Instagram? HOLLA.
Real people doing real shit.

THAT'S who we are.

Oh! and the fit?

Its unfucking believable....First of all its a compression fit which means they don't JUST fit...they REALLY fit.

Its like wearing Spanx under your clothes but without the feeling of being squished or sucked in. Its a feeling of freedom and ease when you slip into a pair of these bad boys. 

Everything is Made in Adults. 

*please note ALL items are printed and sewn to order. Allow us 10-12 days make your beautiful item especially for you:)

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