The Fox and the Violet Flame - Animal Totem Spirit Cards

The Fox and the Violet Flame - Animal Totem Spirit Cards

Hello and welcome to my Animal Totem Spirit Deck PROJECT.

I am taking this year 2021 to create my own original and hand painted 61 card Nature inspired Spirit Deck. I will be incorporating many aspects of nature in this deck from the Animal Kingdom to elements of Nature.

Be one of the first 100 to own this deck!

Please feel free to join me on this journey. I am offering a PRE-ORDER option where you can order my deck with a deposit of $25USD. Once my deck is complete and ready to print I will send you a notification where you then pay the remaining portion of the deck fee (approx $20)

This deck will have a beautiful and tactile high end card stock with Gilded Gold edges! (Im so excited!) as well a beautiful FULL COLOUR accompanying guide book. The current going rate for high end Oracle decks is approximately $40-$50. I wont know until the printing and production stage the exact retail cost but it will fall somewhere within this range.

The ORIGINAL Paintings are available for purchase. 

I am also offering  archival 11"x14" prints.

Thank you for your ongoing love and support with this project.

As I have 61 cards to paint, I am estimating that the Project end date will be Dec 2021 if not sooner. Please bare with me on the timing of this :)