Butterfly Spirit
Butterfly Spirit
Butterfly Spirit

Butterfly Spirit

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Joy bringer extraordinaire! Who doesn't squeal just a little bit when a butterfly graces us with her presence. She dips into our lives when we need a reminder that magic is all around. She knows better than any of us....you see Butterfly has lived 3 lives. First, as a leaf consuming caterpillar, eating and enjoying her way into oblivion, completely unaware of what great things are to come. Then as the Chrysalis, where she literally goes within and turns to a liquid version of herself, only to then reform as a beautiful new being with GLORIOUS wings. This card promises a fresh beginning. The newest and best version of you is about to take off. Spread your wings. It's time to fly high my butterfly, forget your past, and start a new.
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  • Matte finish, textured surface with no glare
  • Paper weight of 300gsm
  • Bright white
  • Hand cut edges