Pre-Order 8 Years Left by Hannah Stone $24USD+ $8USD shipping
Pre-Order 8 Years Left by Hannah Stone $24USD+ $8USD shipping
Pre-Order 8 Years Left by Hannah Stone $24USD+ $8USD shipping
Pre-Order 8 Years Left by Hannah Stone $24USD+ $8USD shipping
Pre-Order 8 Years Left by Hannah Stone $24USD+ $8USD shipping

Pre-Order 8 Years Left by Hannah Stone $24USD+ $8USD shipping

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“Live like there’s 8yearsleft”
A b⛔️⛔️k by Hannah Stone
64 Practices and Business Ideas that just might Save the 🌍
I will be posting 32 of my life lessons and business proposals daily on social media until Mar 21 when I plan to launch the book (if funded properly)
This book will create 1000s of purposeful employment and community opportunities as well as help to heal our planet and our minds. Our deepest wound and obstacle in life is our belief that we are separate and that we can't fix this shit show. We can and we will.
Practice #61 of 64
Business name “Pay the
Problem: How can we ST⛔️P Animal Poaching WHILE creating new and fulfilling, better-paying jobs for these Poachers?
We Pay the P⛔️achers not to poach, but rather to PR🌍TECT the animals.
Poachers around the world are illegally killing animals for body parts. The Poachers do not want to do this work. All of them are drawn to this line of work due to the promise of money 💰 and the PRIVILEGE of feeding their family for the day. These are not coldhearted bad people. The people who truly financially benefit from this illegal Wildlife Trade are the higher-ups. N⛔️T the Poachers. N⛔️t the men on the Ground.
Tigers🐯,Lions🦁,Elephants 🐘 Lemurs, Rhinos🦏 Sharks 🦈 , and Dolphins 🐬 to name but a few. M🌍THER EARTHS sweet and lovely sentient beings are dying in the name of greed.
“Pay the P⛔️achers” will go into a Poach area and approach the Poachers face to face. ⭕️ffering to pay them $500 to stop Poaching today…right now) This is more than a year's wage for many people in 3rd world employees) We then offer them a full-time job with a living wage, security, AND HEALTHCARE that pays 2-3 times their current wage. We invite them to join the TEAM of other passionate humans who live in the trenches daily and PROTECT these animals. Patrolling the ground in powerful numbers. PTP will offer the Poachers uniforms, family healthcare, job security, a sense of C⭕️MMUNITY, and comradery. These are things that every human craves.
⭕️ffering them a life led by purpose without having to inflict pain on another living being. We will also incentivize each “turned” Poacher with a $500 bonus for every one of his friends or colleagues that he gets to join our team. It's a win-win. Poachers D⭕️ N🛑T want to kill animals. They want to make a living. They want a happy healthy and safe family. They want purpose and peace…Just like the rest of us. They are not barbarians. They are not rich elites. They are, for the most part, desperate men who just need to make a living and feed their families. We go to the excavator drivers in the palm fields in Indonesia where they are decimating the forests of the 🦧⭕️rang⭕️utangs and countless other jungle muffins. We offer the DRIVERS 3 times what they are getting paid if they step down, put this uniform on, and join the NEW army of protectors of this forest. Again we offer them a $500 bonus for every driver that they convert into a protective WARRI🌍R of this land. If Nestle can’t get a man to drive an excavator because he is too scared to enter the area because it is now being patrolled and protected by happily paid men with passion and purpose…THEN and only THEN will we have Nestle and other companies like it, by their little chocolate balls. This way we force Nestle and other deadly companies to be more creative and ethical with their Earth raping and pillaging practices. We go to the sea in Asia and approach the captains of the dolphin🐬 and shark🦈 fin trade boats. We offer to buy their boats from them for twice what it’s worth. We keep them as captains and pay them (again) 3 times what the higher-ups are paying them to slice off the fins of live sea mammals…leaving them to die. We turn their boat and CREW into PTP Warriors (Pay The Poachers). Everyone makes a wage beyond what they knew possible, they patrol the waters and PROTECT the sea life from future poachers. ONCE again we incentivize them to appr⭕️ach and “turn” other poachers…giving them a $500 bonus for every poacher that they turn into a warri🌍r of the sea. In a short time. In a very short time, we will have Ethical Earth Armies around the world actively patrolling and protecting the beasts of our planet and protecting our rainforests from being burned at an astronomical rate. Currently, we are burning the Amazon Rainforest at a rate of 10,000 acres a day. Clearing the land for meat production. That is our 🫁 lungs that we are burning. Not to mention the millions of animals killed daily. In fires. But what if the men with matches were turned? What if instead, we had an army of Peruvian Warri🌍rs cruising around the forests in powerful numbers intimidating the “burners” and offering them a better wage and lifestyle? I like win-win nonprofit solutions. Ones where we not only fix the main problem but also create new jobs. GREAT jobs. We give people a chance to protect the planet. We even pay them to do it.
Where will the 💰 come from you ask? Well, initially it will be opened hearted ♥️investors who want to be a part of a trailblazing Earth-saving movement. But then when the tipping point happens and the supply of dead tortured animals is no longer being supplied…then we create sanctuaries for these animals. We create ecotourism opportunities for the poachers as well. Imagine the boat ⛵️crew in Asian seas who patrol the shark-infested waters during mating season…we buy more boats or turn the existing boats into shark tourism tours and scuba diving events. There is so much money to be made with Eco tourism. Make the Shark's life valuable again. SWIM with Dolphins! Create ethical wildlife tours in Africa led by ex-poachers. Remember the poachers are keen people. They work fucking hard. They know the land and the animals that they track like no other. They are e❌perts in their own fields. They know more about their chosen species than most biology grad students. They know things that we didn’t even know we needed to know about animals. After we have successfully ST🛑PPED the poaching. And I mean we are going to fucking ST🛑P this bullshit….THEN we expand into a Global Eco-Tourism Empire. Based on creating high adventure tourism and education. Create more opportunities for people to have contact with these miraculous creatures… this will also create millions of new jobs worldwide. Teenagers who feel misdirected can sign up and join this Protective Peace Corps🥊
So what do you think?
Pay The Poachers?
⭕️nce we turn it into a profit machine, we pay back the ⭕️riginal investors. After that, all profit that is made through Ec🌍 tourism goes to hiring more warri🌍rs and paying the current warri🌍rs more money. We build schools and hospitals in their communities. It’s an incredible opportunity for a poacher who spends his life hurting himself and others by doing a job that destr⛔️ys his soul and the planet 🌎
If you want to invest or be a part of this n⭕️npr⭕️fit EMPIRE just email me through my website or
Between 2010 and 2012, nearly 100,000 African elephants were killed for their tusks.
It is estimated that as many as 73 million sharks are killed A YEAR for shark-fin soup - an indiscriminate slaughter that is pushing many species to the brink of extinction.
It is estimated that between 1,000 and 5,000 orangutans are killed every year because of palm oil development.
More than 125,000 animals are killed each year for trophies….The Big Five is made up of endangered animals like lions, leopards, rhinos, elephants, and Cape buffalos. The “Big Five” was coined by trophy hunters as some of the largest and most dangerous animals to hunt. Today, the name represents the most iconic animals in Africa.
Most tr⛔️phy hunters are American. OMG Just IMAGINE intimidating the shit out of these rich American hunters who think they can kill anything because they are rich. Picture an ARMY of men in uniform following their expeditions and simply intimidating them.🥊🥊🥊That's all ❤
If you believe in this business model and want to help. Please share this post. You can als⭕️ pre-order my book. 99% of all profits from my book will go to purchasing and protecting land in the Amazon. I’m keeping one percent of the b⭕️⭕️k profits. I am re-designing and redefining the ⭕️ne percent. It’s a completely new business model. See page #21 in this b⭕️⭕️k for more info on this new business model. Feel free to tag anyone you know who loves animals and wants to follow the project. Please tag anyone you know who could possibly help fund this nonprofit start-up. Share this post. You could save a rhino's life 🦏 I need a business manager, a lawyer, and an investor to start. I have 64 of these Earth 🌍 saving business ideas that will be printed in this book. I can’t do it all on my own. I need help. The whole point of this book is to gather like-minded open heart to people and offer them beautiful opportunities to take a step towards a new world. The TV is screaming that we have eight years left before we can’t turn THIS 🌍 around. Well, I say oh my G⭕️d how exciting we have eight years left! Humans are amazing at deadlines🕳 I not only know that we can do this. I know that we can thrive and make it happen 🪩🪩🪩 It’s going to be fun, easy, and powerful. To help me fund and self-publish the first edition of this book please consider pre-ordering a copy. There are many more amazing ideas to come.
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