That's how much of our profits we donate to the Funnipharm Foundation, an organization devoted to saving and serving animals worldwide. At Hannah Stone, we believe the real power belongs to the 99%, everyday men and women united by a common cause. Together, we are capable of creating a future where compassion prevails, ecosystems thrive, and humanity coexists harmoniously with nature.

  • Zero Waste

    Our print on demand designs are made for you when you order, meaning zero waste. By producing only what our customers desire, we contribute to a circular economy where fashion is not disposable, but rather a carefully chosen and cherished expression of personal style.

  • Total Transparency

    Ethically manufactured in Montreal, Canada, our designs are hand sewn by adults paid beyond fair wages. By manufacturing and sourcing locally, we help reduce our carbon footprint. Our paper waste is recycled in the city and excess clothing items or imperfect garments are donated to innercity shelters.

  • 100% Customer Satisfaction

    Because we are so confident you will absolutely adore your Hannah Stone designer shapewear, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee on all our products. Return your items within 30 days in the same condition they were received and we will issue you a full refund, no questions asked.

Our Uncompromising Standards:

Zero pilling

We guarantee our products will not pill, even after repeated wear and washing.

Consistent sizing

We strive for consistent sizing across our brand, meaning if you find a size you love in one design, we guarantee that size will fit you exactly the same in all of our designs.

No waistband rolling

We understand that waistband rolling can be uncomfortable and distracting, which is why we've intentionally designed our leggings to be waistband rolling resistant.

Colors that never fade

Nothing is worse that watching your garment's colors fade after a single wash. At Hannah Stone, we promise that our colors will never fade no matter the products use or the number of times it's washed.

Never sheer or see-through

Reveal your beauty while maintaining your privacy, even while stretching or exercising.

Unique one-of-a-kind art designs

Our designs are colorful, bright, lively, and just as unique as you are. You will not find these designs anywhere else but here.

Adequate ventilation and compression

Shapewear that compliments your figure but doesn't constrict you in any way, the perfect balance of support and comfort.

Strong stitching that doesn't dig into the skin

Our seams will never fall apart, unravel or tear.

Won't lose their shape or become saggy over time

Elasticity that lasts a lifetime, or as close to it as possible.

Designs and patterns that complement various body shapes and sizes

Our products exist to compliment your beauty, not disguise it.